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Pick Up and Food Delivery in Bray 

You can enjoy all items from our menu via takeout by calling. We suggest ordering in early to dodge any snags!



Satisfy your cravings and start your day right. Served until 11 am

Clara Vale €9.90

Three scrambled eggs, side of guacamole, roasted vine tomatoes, Firehouse Bakery granary toast.

Add bacon 2.00

Allergens: wheat, milk, egg

Wicklow Way €9.80

Avocado, melted Swiss, crispy bacon, roasted tomatoes, & chutney on Firehouse Bakery sourdough.

Allergens: wheat, milk, fish (fish sauce in chutney)

The Sally Gap €9.80

Grilled halloumi, chunky guacamole, tomato & coriander salsa and tossed greens on sourdough.

Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, gluten

Bray Head €7.50

3 slices of crispy bacon, local tomato-sweet chilli chutney on sourdough.

Allergens: gluten, fish (fish sauce in chutney), milk, egg (mayo)


Savour our range of sweets guaranteed to brighten up your day. 


Enjoy delicious artisan sandwiches, salads, and soups with bread made by Firehouse Bakery.

Tuscan Chicken €9.80

with lemon & herb marinade, warmed chorizo, tossed greens, pine nuts, tomato & Parmesan shavings.


Allergens: wheat, milk, egg

Bruschetta €9.80

Crumbled feta, roasted vine tomato & walnut herb pesto with baby spinach, and rocket on sourdough.


Allergens: wheat milk, wheat, walnuts

Superfood Salad €11.00

with crumbled feta or warmed halloumi, quinoa, spinach, crispy kale, seasonal veggies, nuts and, toasted seeds.


Allergens: milk

Pastrami Rueben €9.80

Pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, sweet pickled cucumber, greens on granary.


Allergens: milk, egg, gluten, soya, sulphite

Classic Club €10.50

Marinated chicken, bacon, Swiss, beef tomato, 1000 island on triple-decker batch bread & pickle.


Allergens: milk, wheat, sulphite, egg

Red Bird Salad €11.00

Marinated chicken with avocado, vine tomatoes, season veggies, tossed herbs and greens and caramelised hazelnuts.


Allergens: hazelnuts.

Red Bird Toastie €9.80

BEST SELLER - Slow cooked ham, aged cheddar, red onion, vine tomatoes, local chutney.


Allergens: wheat, fish (fish sauce in chutney), milk, egg

BLT €9.80

Crispy bacon, beef tomato, and tossed greens. Add avocado or Swiss cheese for €1.00


Allergens: milk, wheat, eggs

Take Out Salads €11.00

Seasonal selection available daily.

Chicken & Stuffing €8.50

Marinated chicken with homemade sage and onion stuffing, sliced red onion, tossed greens and lemon garlic aioli.


Allergens: wheat, egg, milk.

Fresh Soup €6.50

Vegetarian and gluten-free homemade fresh soup with sourdough or granary bread. Add a cup of soup to any sandwich or salad €3.50.

Half Toastie & Soup €8.50

Half a red bird toasty (veggie version available) and a cup of today’s soup.


Allergens: wheat, milk, egg, fish (fish sauce in chutney)

Coffees & Teas

We source our high quality coffee from McCabes Artisan Coffee Roasters in Wicklow.

Americano €3.30

Latte Macchiato €3.80

Hot Chocolate €4.20

Flat White €3.80

Cappuccino €3.80

Mumbai Chai €4.50

Mocha €4.50

Double Espresso €3.00

Turmeric Chai €4.50

Latte €3.80

Macchiato €3.80

Babycino €2.50

McCabes Hot Chocolate 40% Cocoa

Kid’s Hot Chocolate €3.00

(12oz) Iced McCabes 40% Chocolate €4.50

(with milk)

Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea €3.20

(12oz) Iced Americano €3.30

​(with milk)

Herbal Teas €3.50

(12oz) Iced Latte €4.20

Latte €3.80

​Alt Milks/Syrups  €.40

Mocha €4.50 (12oz) Iced

Non-dairy milks .40 cents 

Syrups .40 cents.

If you have both, we just charge for one.

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