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Order Take-Out 

All of our menu is available for takeaway. To place your order, call 01 / 276 89 79. It's best to call early if you can.

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Start your day right. Served until 11:30 am

Clara Vale €10.50

Three scrambled eggs, side of guacamole, roasted vine tomatoes, on Tartine Organic granary toast.


Add bacon 2.00

Allergens: wheat, milk, egg

Wicklow Way €10.50

Avocado, melted Swiss, crispy bacon, roasted tomatoes, & chutney on Tartine Organic sourdough.

Allergens: wheat, milk, fish (fish sauce in chutney)

The Sally Gap €9.80

Grilled halloumi, chunky guacamole, tomato & coriander salsa and tossed greens on sourdough.

Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, gluten

Bray Head €8.50

3 slices of crispy bacon, local tomato-sweet chilli chutney on sourdough.

Allergens: gluten, fish (fish sauce in chutney), milk, egg (mayo)


Savour our range of sweets guaranteed to brighten up your day. 


Tuscan Chicken €9.80

with lemon & herb marinade, warmed chorizo, tossed greens, pine nuts, tomato & Parmesan shavings. 


Allergens: wheat, milk, egg

Bruschetta €10.90

Crumbled feta, roasted vine tomato & walnut herb pesto with baby spinach, and rocket on sourdough.


Allergens: wheat milk, wheat, walnuts

Superfood Salad €11.50

with crumbled feta or warmed halloumi, quinoa, spinach, crispy kale, seasonal veggies, nuts and, toasted seeds.

Allergens: milk

Pastrami Rueben €9.80

Pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, sweet pickled cucumber, greens on granary.


Allergens: milk, egg, gluten, soya, sulphite

Classic Club €11.50

Marinated chicken, bacon, Swiss, beef tomato, 1000 island on triple-decker batch bread & pickle.


Allergens: milk, wheat, sulphite, egg

Red Bird Salad €11.50

Marinated chicken with avocado, vine tomatoes, season veggies, tossed herbs and greens and caramelised hazelnuts.


Allergens: hazelnuts.

Red Bird Toastie €9.80

BEST SELLER - Slow cooked ham, aged cheddar, red onion, vine tomatoes, local chutney.


Allergens: wheat, fish (fish sauce in chutney), milk, egg

BLT €9.80

Crispy bacon, beef tomato, and tossed greens. Add avocado or Swiss cheese for €+1.50.


Allergens: milk, wheat, eggs

Take Out Salads €11.00

Seasonal selection available daily.

Chicken & Stuffing €8.50

Marinated chicken with homemade sage and onion stuffing, sliced red onion, tossed greens and lemon garlic aioli.


Allergens: wheat, egg, milk.

 Fresh Soup €6.80

Vegetarian and gluten-free homemade fresh soup with sourdough or granary bread. Add a cup of soup to any sandwich or salad €3.80.

Half Toastie & Soup €9.50

Half a red bird toasty (veggie version available) and a cup of today’s soup.


Allergens: wheat, milk, egg, fish (fish sauce in chutney)


Check out our cafe’s sandwiches, lunches and sweet treats.

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